Same-Day Return vs. Overnight for Business Trips

Posted by APXTravel on 16 October 2016
Would you drive from Auckland to Tauranga for a business meeting and return the same day? Or fly to Christchurch and back again to Wellington that evening? Here are our tips for choosing between same-day travel versus overnight.

A Regional Guide to Taking Money Overseas

Posted by APXTravel on 20 September 2016
Money is the one true global language – but understanding how best to travel with it and access it when you are overseas depends on your destination and your itinerary once you arrive.

Meet the 2016 APX Ambassadors

Posted by APXTravel on 10 September 2016
Each year the APX Travel Management team votes to elect 10 'APX Ambassadors' from across the business who epitomise the values that set APX apart as a travel management company.

How Travel Has Changed in 60 Years

Posted by APXTravel on 03 August 2016
Over the 60 years APX has been in the travel game, we've seen huge changes in how people travel the world. From the days of handwritten air tickets to today's ultra long-haul flights, it's been an action-packed six decades.

Aerial View: Q2 Corporate Travel Update with APX CEO Andrew Dale

Posted by APXTravel on 22 July 2016
APX Travel Management Chief Executive Andrew Dale looks at the key market trends from the second quarter of 2016 and what they mean for Kiwi organisations and their travel strategies.

APX Celebrates 60 Years in Travel

Posted by APXTravel on 21 July 2016
APX is celebrating its diamond anniversary this year with events around New Zealand. And while it has six decades on the clock, the company is feeling "60 years young" with our focus on technology, innovation and customer experience.

How to Prepare Your People for Business Travel in 2016

Posted by APXTravel on 05 July 2016
Whether your employees travel to Brisbane or Berlin, it's essential that they are well prepared before they depart. The key is to provide brief, relevant information as well as access to 24/7 travel support.

Meet the World’s Top Business Travellers

Posted by APXTravel on 14 June 2016
The lives of some frequent travellers can seem straight out of Hollywood. Hundreds of days spent on the go, millions of miles clocked up. Meet three real life road warriors and hear their travel tips.

5 Mistakes of First-Time Business Travellers

Posted by APXTravel on 22 May 2016
Business travel can be a stressful experience, with queues, flight delays, unfamiliar destinations and long days to contend with. Discover the mistakes new travellers make and how to streamline the experience with our expert travel hacks.

Why the Future of Travel is Set to be Supersonic

Posted by APXTravel on 05 May 2016
At APX Travel Management we live and breathe travel, and we can't help but be excited about going 'back to the future' with the return of supersonic travel. Discover the innovations in development around the globe.