After-Hours Service 24/7/365

With APX your travel support never takes a holiday. You and your staff will enjoy our full assistance wherever you are in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced After-Hours Consultants are on hand to help outside of business hours - whether you need to change your flights or arrange an urgent trip home. If you're overseas when a security situation occurs, help is just a phone call away – and you won't be put through to a call centre. We operate our in-house 24/7 assistance from New Zealand, so you can call in confidence knowing you're dealing with someone at home in an emergency.

Our trusted After-Hours Consultants are based nationwide and have full access to our systems, including clients’ travel policies and profiles, ensuring service is seamless. Every call received after hours is logged and then checked for resolution or completion by the relevant Team Manager and Partnership Manager at the start of each business day. These calls can be reported to you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Mobile Messenger

The safety or your travellers is extremely important in today's business travel environment. In the event of an emergency or travel disruption, APX Traveller Security (powered by Amadeus Mobile Messenger) enables you to locate your affected travellers in seconds.

APX Traveller Security lets you take control of your Business Travel Programme with our complete destination risk data suite. From a central dashboard our customers have the ability to not only locate their travellers in seconds, but also SMS or email them directly from the tool. There is also a range of useful reports which include flight threshold and airline market-share, all of which can be automatically scheduled.

Traveller Security 

How quickly can you identify the location and safety status of your business travellers in the event of an emergency? In todays' turbulent global environment its imperative that your business has processes in place to ensure traveller safety in the event of a disaster.

At APX we offer APX Traveller Security - a complete risk management suite which, in the event of an emergency or major travel disruption, lets us locate your travellers instantly and make contact directly with them. This application is also available for companies to access for an annual fee.

APX Traveller Security can automatically alert your travellers of potential destination risks prior to and during their trips, should you wish to enable this functionality.

International SOS

We are proud to be in partnership with International SOS, the world's leading provider of medical assistance, international healthcare, security services and outsourced customer care.

International SOS operates in more than 70 countries and runs 25 alarm centres and 28 health clinics. The organisation builds strong partnerships with local communities so they can fully support our clients in times of need, while benefiting the local population.