The Importance of 24-Hour Support

Posted by on 17 August 2017
If global events of the past months have taught business travellers and those organising their trips anything, it’s that they have to be prepared for disruptions, obstacles and changes at a moment’s notice.

How Airlines Need to Adapt and Change As Global Temperatures Rise

Posted by APXTravel on 25 July 2017
When American Airlines cancelled flights from Phoenix, Arizona USA because temperatures had soared to the high 40s, it raised a serious question about what airlines do to ensure the safety of their flights as temperatures continue to peak.

How Workplace Wellness is affecting the Kiwi Business Traveller

Posted by APXTravel on 17 July 2017
The way companies look after their employees has become a huge topic over recent years, and most of us would recognise ways in which the workplace has changed to reflect this growing trend.

Business Travel in the Age of Automation

Posted by APXTravel on 07 July 2017
With constant new developments in technology and automation, the industry embraces AI to create tools for modern business travellers.

How to Maximise Your Business Travel Spend on Hotels

Posted by APXTravel on 30 June 2017
The big picture considerations when deciding on your budget for business travel usually centres around the benefit of face-to-face meetings over emails, webinars and video conferences. But once a company has decided on a travel strategy, there are plenty of real world factors that need to be hard-wired into the policy to ensure it receives maximum ROI.

Making the Most of Economy Seating

Posted by APXTravel on 23 June 2017
Travelling and sitting in economy? Read our tricks, tips and hacks to ensure your journey’s at the more luxurious end of the economy scale.

The Value of Flight Lounges in Light of the Laptop Ban

Posted by APXTravel on 30 May 2017
More than a few business travellers found themselves in mild stages of panic when the in-flight laptop ban came into effect for certain carriers between the Middle East, the UK and the US. With the potential for the ban to become more widespread, there is a chance that even more will be affected.

Meet the 2016 APX Ambassadors Part 2

Posted by APXTravel on 10 April 2017
In our second feature on this year’s crop of APX Ambassadors, we meet a range of employees who work across the company to ensure New Zealand business’ travel safely and seamlessly.

10 Golden Rules for Packing a Working Week into Your Carry-On

Posted by APXTravel on 02 April 2017
There are so many great reasons to pack all you need for a week’s business trip into your carry-on baggage allowance. From avoiding the hell of lost luggage and the interminable queues at the carousel, to the satisfaction of knowing that travelling light makes it easier to negotiate taxis, hotel check-ins and those last-minute dashes to catch returning or connecting flights.

Aerial View: Q3 Corporate Travel Update with APX CEO Andrew Dale

Posted by APXTravel on 26 October 2016
In this Q3 2016 update, APX Chief Executive Andrew Dale highlights the key drivers in the corporate travel market that are shaping the purchasing environment and the experience of Kiwi business travellers.