How to Prepare Your People for Business Travel in 2016

Posted by APXTravel on 05 July 2016
Whether your employees travel to Brisbane or Berlin, it's essential that they are well prepared before they depart. The key is to provide brief, relevant information as well as access to 24/7 travel support.

Meet the World’s Top Business Travellers

Posted by APXTravel on 14 June 2016
The lives of some frequent travellers can seem straight out of Hollywood. Hundreds of days spent on the go, millions of miles clocked up. Meet three real life road warriors and hear their travel tips.

5 Mistakes of First-Time Business Travellers

Posted by APXTravel on 22 May 2016
Business travel can be a stressful experience, with queues, flight delays, unfamiliar destinations and long days to contend with. Discover the mistakes new travellers make and how to streamline the experience with our expert travel hacks.

Why the Future of Travel is Set to be Supersonic

Posted by APXTravel on 05 May 2016
At APX Travel Management we live and breathe travel, and we can't help but be excited about going 'back to the future' with the return of supersonic travel. Discover the innovations in development around the globe.

Aerial View: Q1 Corporate Travel Update with APX CEO Andrew Dale

Posted by APXTravel on 14 April 2016
APX Travel Management Chief Executive Andrew Dale looks at the key market trends from the first quarter of 2016 and what they mean for Kiwi businesses and their travel strategies.

Is Your Organisation Proactively Managing Risk to Corporate Travellers?

Posted by APXTravel on 03 April 2016
The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2016 has implications for every employer in New Zealand. With a broader definition of "workplace", this may have unique implications for business travel.

APX Travellers’ Tales: Abbigail Surridge Visits Palmerston North

Posted by APXTravel on 08 March 2016
Travellers' Tales is a regular feature on the APX Blog, where corporate travellers discuss the highlights and lowlights of recent business trips, and share tips for other travellers.

The Future Of Corporate Travel Innovation

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 29 February 2016
APX Head of Product & Innovation Andrew Barnard talks at the Amadeus Asia Pacific Managed Travel 3.0 conference about innovation, collaboration and cutting-edge technology - and the future of corporate travel management.

2016 Trends For The Kiwi Business Traveller

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 17 February 2016
In the age of mobile, mindful living, ultra-long flights, emerging markets and global climate awareness, momentous changes are happening in business travel. Discover the travel trends that are unfolding in 2016.

A Guide to First-Class Flight Etiquette

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 09 February 2016
Air travel can provide valuable uninterrupted hours to relax and unwind, to get work done, or to do some strategic thinking away from your desk. However your experience can depend on the courtesy of others on board your flight.

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