Tips for stress free holiday travel

Posted by APXTravel on 20 December 2018
The holidays make for one of the busiest travel seasons - here's how to stay stress free.

International SOS Shares Advice for Healthy Summer Travel

Posted by APXTravel on 20 December 2018
International SOS shares five top tips that all travellers need to know before going on holiday this summer.

Wendy talks about optimising your travel programme while keeping travellers engaged & safe

Posted by APXTravel on 01 November 2018
GM Wendy van Lieshout's responses from recent panel for #CAPAEvents

Hotel Safety: A Guide to Staying Safe for Employers & Travellers

Posted by APXTravel on 12 October 2018
Grab yourself a complimentary 'Hotel Safety Guide' for your next business trip - it's sometimes the little things that make all the difference.

Aloha to Nurture Change 2018 in Hawaii

Posted by LaurenThorne on 25 May 2018
Travel is not only our business but our passion too, so it’s easy to understand how the combination of both, as in a bizcation, would appeal to us. It’s also one of the many reasons why we’re excited to be partnering with Nurture Change again this year with its clever combination of business, relaxation and clarity.

Health and Travel Awareness During Ramadan 2018

Posted by LaurenThorne on 25 May 2018
International SOS, the world’s leading medical assistance provider, advises organisations on healthy fasting and workplace routines, as well as important etiquette tips for business travellers.

Technology Tools: APX Duty of Care

Posted by LaurenThorne on 24 April 2018
The recent crazy weather reminded us again rather sharply of the importance of looking after our travellers’ safety - regardless of where in the world they might be. We take the Duty of Care responsibility to our customers very seriously, and that’s why we thought this would be a great week to share with you what our technology tools are in this area.

ESTAs and Visas When Travelling Via the USA

Posted by LaurenThorne on 21 April 2018
A news report this week reminded us of the importance of being up to date with visa requirements - especially when travelling to or through the USA, where the goalposts are always changing.

Weather Disruptions, Insurance and Airline Responsibility

Posted by LaurenThorne on 20 April 2018
Many travellers experienced disruptions to their domestic travel this month due to weather. How liable is your airline for costs relating to a cancelled or delayed flight?

Our latest technology is here – and it’s seriously next level

Posted by LaurenThorne on 27 March 2018
Here at APX, our focus is on making sure that our customers only experience the good side of business travel. At our recent Technology and Innovation events held in Wellington and Auckland, we shared with our customers how we’ll deliver on that promise going forward.

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