Airline News  Top tips for getting a good sleep on planes - according to science

• Have a light pre-flight meal before you board
• If you can, book a seat that lies fully flat or reclines as much as possible
• Take off your shoes, to improve circulation
• Don’t drink any alcohol and avoid anything with caffeine, such as tea, coffee or fizzy drinks
• If you’re awake, always take the hydration offered
• If you want to sleep, try to not watch any movies, use your tablet computer or mobile phone
• Wear an eye mask and ensure any lights around you are off and the window blind is down
• If you want to relax, put in ear plugs or listen to a specially made relaxation soundtrack
• Listen to your body. Sleep is not a waste of time
• If sleeping pills help you, only use them at bed time in the destination you're travelling to.  
• If you fly often make a habit of these things. Sleep hygiene is a habit.