Posted by on 20 April 2018

Many travellers experienced disruptions to their domestic travel this month due to weather. Events like this cause chaos for passengers, and usually mean enduring long airport queues, and struggles to find last-minute accommodation and car rentals.

This is where the importance of having a comprehensive insurance policy really makes itself known. We all think about travel insurance when travelling overseas, but we rarely think of it when travelling close to home.

Airlines aren't obligated to cover their passengers’ expenses due to cancellation and delays caused by “Acts of God”. It’s important to remember that from their viewpoint, the airline’s schedule has been just as disrupted as their passengers’. Airlines will often release a waiver that means passengers can amend their travel dates, or hold their tickets in credit to be used at a later date, without applying normal change fees. However, hotels, car rentals, meals, clothing – all costs that are incurred as a result of weather disrupts, should be claimed back through your insurance provider where possible.

Before travel, remember to familiarise yourself with the aspects of your company’s travel policy that are likely to affect you, especially if you often travel domestically. 


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