Posted by on 24 April 2018

Watch the video below to see a glimpse of how our technology can protect your travellers while they're away.

Duty of Care Laptop.png


  • Our messaging ecosystem links administrators to travellers via SMS and email (can include work colleagues and family members too).
  • The tool synchronises itinerary information with information received from a global risk management company.
  • If a risk is identified, we’ll proactively and automatically send a message to the configured contacts, plus instigate two-way messaging with travellers to ask if they require assistance and request an exact geo-location using the GPS functionality on their mobile phone.
  • We use GPS rather than itinerary tracking. Itinerary-only location tracking can often be flawed, as it only records the last point of a traveller’s itinerary.


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  • Travel Technology
  • Duty of Care


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