20 June 2017

With the ability to drill down into data through interactive charts and tables, APX customers can dynamically filter, sort and download data across all spend categories. 

Dynamic dashboards allow users to report on all products and services transacted by APX, including: air, hotel and rental car, as well as service fees. There is also the ability to look at policy compliance issues to identify any leakage within their travel programme – caused for example by non-preferred suppliers being booked.

What sets this reporting apart from others on the market is the hierarchy management system which allows customers to provide various levels of access to others within their organisation; from top level down to individual cost centres or those completing travel bookings. This means that individual business units can take control over their own spend and compliance, monitoring activity through the interactive dashboards.

APX Head of Partnerships, Garrick Loft commented, “This technology is a game-changer – we’re really putting the power back in the hands of our customers, giving them more control and greater visibility over their travel expenditure. There’s no more waiting around for monthly reports, the information is at their fingertips 24/7.”

APX customers will continue to have access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise provided by dedicated support teams, who are able to offer insights and recommendations to reduce costs and ensure their travel programmes are working perfectly for them.

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