2019 has been a big year so far for APX Travel Management in the Government space. Not only were we re-appointed to the All of Government TMS Panel, but we also celebrated our 25-year anniversary with New Zealand Defence Force in April.

“It’s a privilege to serve the New Zealand Defence Force and contribute, albeit in a very small way, towards the incredible work they do around New Zealand and the world. We’re very much looking forward to the next 25 years,” said Margot Dow, Head of Government and Defence.

As part of the celebrations, APX is proud to be supporting Captain Paul ‘Stevo’ Stephens and the ANZAC expedition he’s part of to traverse Antarctica. The first of its kind, the team of 10 personnel from the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces - including the first woman to traverse - will complete a human powered traverse of Antarctica. Commencing in November 2019, they will conquer 1,700km in 70 days, in -50˚C temperatures and 200 km/h winds, as one dedicated team. The expedition is a self-supported, human-powered, on-foot/ski expedition that will celebrate 100 years of the ANZAC spirit. They will also champion other worthy charitable causes such as 'Wounded Heroes', 'Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation' and 'NZDF Mental Health/Wellness'. To find out more or support this incredible expedition, visit: https://www.thespiritlivesantarctica.com/