11 September 2017

Nominated by their peers for living and breathing the APX values, Carl Sinclair, Nicholas Jones, Gail McEwen, Aimee Donovan, Sarah Gregory, Kelly Linton, Nicole Fleetwood, Teri-Lee Hooper, Louise Morrison and Amy Jakobs travelled to Vietnam, with flights sponsored by Air New Zealand. They were joined by General Manager Wendy van Lieshout and Operations Manager (Southern) Joanna Hindley, as well as Chris Hughes of Air New Zealand.

Highlights included taking to the streets on a Saigon Vintage Vespa Tour, discovering delicacies such as pickled jellyfish during a traditional Vietnamese cooking class, and exploring the Mekong Delta. It wasn’t all action, with massages and poolside cocktails providing the travellers with some down time.

APX Ambassador Award winner Carl Sinclair said of the trip, “If was I was to describe it in one word it would undoubtedly be INCREDIBLE!”

Carl added, “What I will take away the most however is the memories and friendships I made with my colleagues. It's an amazing feeling working people who live and breathe your same values each and every day.”

Of her time in Vietnam, fellow Ambassador Teri-Lee Hooper said, “The Vietnamese people were so lovely and caring, learning about the culture was a real highlight.”

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