Doing our bit for the environment

APX is proud to deliver superior corporate travel services to companies across the country and the world. In order for us to sustain our reputation of excellence, we are committed to best practice standards.

We have our own robust "Best Practice Guide" covering Environmental and Quality standards, with our strong Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality Policies embedded in the foundation of our business. We have also developed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) which not only clearly identifies our environmental objectives and targets, but also outlines our impact on the environment to ensure we are fully committed to reducing any negative impacts.

We recognise the current climate of environmental concern is widespread, with many organisations wishing to make choices that reduce their potential impact. As such, we are committed to helping our clients and suppliers meet their own environmental goals by providing solutions and services to enable them to make their own decisions.

We can provide you with detailed mileage and CO2 emission reporting for your organisation's business travel, and calculate how much CO2 your travellers are producing by distance travelled, which gives you the carbon offset dollar value in NZD.

APX works with Australian-based carbon reduction and management company Climate Friendly on a long-term carbon reduction and offset strategy.

We encourage any supplier that we work with to embrace an environmental focus and are happy to share ideas with our customers who have already embraced or are looking to embrace a "Cleaner and Greener" New Zealand. 

To learn more about Climate Friendly click here


Why we're here?

There are six key hallmarks that we live by every day. They are what sets us apart.



Nothing beats experience and our team has more of it than any other. We put our collective knowledge to good use to deliver the best service to our customers.


When you deal with positive people, it’s hard not to feel energised yourself. At APX, our energy drives us to do better for our customers. 


APX keeps you connected, not just to flights and destinations, but with accurate reporting, the latest technology and important news and information. In the same way, you can count on us to stay connected with the changing needs of your business.


A winning team works together as one. So whenever you contact APX, we make it easy by knowing your business and being able to help you straight away. It’s like having your own in-house travel management department.


When you travel, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. At APX we are 100% solutions focused, so if there’s a snag or a hold up, you can count on us to get it sorted ASAP.


Care is at the heart of our business – caring for our customers, for each other and for our planet. That’s why we take extra care to find the perfect solution for you, to create a supportive place to work and to minimise our impact on the environment.