Return of the Mach 2: Top 10 Concorde facts

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 12 January 2016
In aviation's golden era, the Concorde symbolised the ultimate in speed and luxury travel. More than a decade on from its grounding in 2003, hopes are high that the aircraft will once again grace skies around the world.

Travellers’ Tales: Air NZ’s First Flight to Houston

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 23 December 2015
In the first of a series of Travellers’ Tales, APX chief executive Andrew Dale describes his journey on Air New Zealand’s inaugural flight to Houston, and his stay in the Texan city famed for business, sports, food and final frontiers.

3 Traps To Avoid When Booking Travel For Work

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 17 December 2015
Employees may have the best intentions of saving their company money by finding cheap travel deals online. However they risk hidden costs - and missing out on important benefits a travel management company will deliver.

Meet Our APX Ambassadors – Part 2

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 15 December 2015
Meet Sharon Chandra, Natasha Baldwin and Suzanne Cunneen - three of APX Travel Management's Ambassadors for 2015. Hear about their experiences in corporate travel and the destinations on their wish lists.

10 Ways To Stay In Business Mode While Flying

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 12 December 2015
Whether you're popping down to Wellington for a meeting, dashing over The Ditch to close a deal, or drumming up new business on a long-haul trip to Europe, there are numerous opportunities en route to turn travel time into productive time.

11 Tips To Beat Jet Lag Like a Pro

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 10 December 2015
If you travel for business frequently then jet lag can be a real problem, leaving you less than your best just when you need to be right on your game. Here we share the top tips we've read to combat jet lag and arrive fresh.

How to Ensure You Get Off Your Flight Ready For Business

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 17 November 2015
Corporate travellers know that the best way to stay stress-free on the move is to leave their travel arrangements in expert hands – but there are also plenty of tricks to keep the body healthy while travelling, to arrive in top form.

How to Check In Like a Seasoned Business Traveller

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 04 October 2015
There’s an app for everything these days, and checking in for a flight is no exception. In the age of mobile, travelling has never been easier. Here we share our check-in tips for your upcoming domestic flights.

6 Tips for Spending Less on Business Travel

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 11 September 2015
As the world gets smaller, people are travelling for business more frequently. The benefits for businesses are immense - but without a well managed travel programme it's easy for the cost of travel to escalate.

Visiting Vomo, A Quiet Island Paradise

Posted by GemmaOsullivan on 13 August 2015
Stepping onto Vomo Island, what is most captivating is how serene this place is. Its beauty is natural, understated, the resort blending with ease into its lush Fijian surroundings. It is quite something.

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