We're a Values Based Company

We strive to nurture a culture where our staff can thrive both professionally and personally. We select our staff for their passion and commitment. Ours is a high performance culture where our people really are the difference. Our travel consultants are rewarded for service excellence which motivates them to go the extra mile for you.

In the New Zealand market place, APX has a reputation for delivering unbiased corporate travel advice and personally tailored travel management solutions.

Our Values

Our internal values form the foundation of the service delivery our clients receive and shape our company culture.

Our team live and breathe these values and aspire to uphold these in all interactions with each other and our customers.




We want to be the best at what we do.



We want our people to love coming to work.



Fostering an environment of learning and growth. 



We'll only achieve if we work as one.



A different way of thinking to achieve a better outcome.



For our customers, our team and travel.