With APX’s suite of standard and customisable billing options, we can provide a solution to meet all your financial and invoicing requirements. 

APX SmartBill

APX SmartBill reduces the number of individual invoices by consolidating them into a single fortnightly invoice. It can incorporate UATP card fees, service fees and charge backs, all rolled in to one invoice.

APX SmartBill is tailored to suit your business and makes payment easier and more efficient. Features include:

• enhanced data capture and reporting
• reconciliation of suppliers 
• receiving your bill as frequently as it suits you.


APX Ezybill

APX EzyBill is a cost effective option for clients that don't need the detail of our SmartBill option. With EzyBill you get an automatic report, with a set number of fields, which doubles as a consolidated invoice. Easy!

Ease of Payment 

We accept the following payment options, provided payment is complete and on time.

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • American Express BTA
  • American Express Corporate cards
  • UATP Card
  • Personal credit cards

If you choose to pay by credit card, we can develop a solution to help you reconcile and allocate air travel costs through a centralised facility. 

Compliance and Efficiency

Whether you choose our SmartBill or EzyBill solution, your APX invoices provide a transparent record of your business's travel expenses.

Core travel expenses such as air, hotel, rental car and APX service fees are itemised and supplied electronically in a format customised to your business. Invoices also include traveller name, supplier, description, GST content, cost centre details, incidentals and pricing.

Our invoicing systems make processing payments more efficient by:

• reducing the number of supplier accounts
• improving the accuracy of rates charged by suppliers
• decreasing non-compliance charges.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about our financial solutions and how these can be tailored to your business, simply send us a message via the form below. 

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